According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of, Americans, on average spend about 152 hours or 19 full workdays a year, driving to work in their cars. Unfortunately, that number doesn’t include travel time for work trips to nearby cities. How would you repurpose that time? With our Black Car Service, you can reclaim your time and spend it how you choose. Book our car service today and begin driving productivity.


How Much Your Intercity Travel Costs You

It is no secret that time is a very precious thing; arguably, your most precious asset. You wake up, head to work, work 9 or so hours, come home and hopefully get some much needed you time or time with those you love. However, sometimes work calls for trips to Raleigh or Atlanta or even Washington, D.C. On those days, your regular 8 or so hours become a whole lot longer. These meetings can be a big deal. Not only for your career, but for your personal time as well. The time you spend on the road travel from city to city often interferes with personal time. Because such travel is often inefficient, you are then forced to use your personal time to make up for the productivity you lost during your travel. So instead of relaxing when you get home, you work more billable hours to play catch up on the time your loss during travel. Well, we are here to change that.


The Black Car Service Experience

We know that your time is valuable, which is why we created a car service like no other. With Intercity you can expect a black car service that provides luxury vehicles, professionally vetted drivers, door to door service, extra legroom, and most importantly, an increase in productivity. Our car service has the capability of making travel in the southeast a seamless and productive. After you use our app to book a ride, one of our vetted drivers in a spacious, luxury vehicle will pick you up for your home or office. During the ride, you can expect refreshments and extra legroom to make sure you are comfortable during your entire trip. In addition to the spacious setup, how the ride is spent is totally up to you. You can brush up on your talking points for your meeting, catch up on client emails and paperwork, or you can relax and refresh before you start the day. A ride with Intercity gives you the power to dictate how your time is spent. Once you arrive in one of our destination cities (Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and parts in between), you will be dropped off at the location, safely and on time. The car and driver will wait for you. When you are finished your business, the same car and driver will pick you up in the same spot and drive you back home. Sounds simple, right?

Intercity is focused is providing an alternative to short-haul flights on cramped regional jets. We focus on distances that are 50 to 250 miles away (one-way radius) from the point of origin. When you ride with Intercity from Charlotte to Research Triangle Park, you can work on getting ready for the big meeting or other projects during the ride. Are you in Raleigh and need to be in Washington, D.C for the day? No worries, our professional drivers will pick you, take you to your destination in the nation’s capital and will bring you back.

We believe the beauty of our car service is your ability to control how your time is spent. In the past, driving from Charlotte to Atlanta would mean a huge loss in billable hours. The time that you would have to take away from your personal life to make up for the travel time. We are putting an end to that by helping you get your time back. Try us today by booking your first ride with Intercity.