Intercity helps professionals with same-day travel 

Charlotte, NC: Keenya T. Justice, an innovative, woman of color with a passion for maximizing productivity, co-founded Intercity, a Charlotte-based car service offering business travelers a new way of getting to their destination.

Growing up with her father who was also a business owner, Justice quickly developed an entrepreneurial spirit. She understood the importance of problem-solving along with capitalism, economics, and the importance of “owning the means of production” which instilled the desire to be her own boss and create solutions.

“After experiencing firsthand, the lack of travel options for regional trips and seeing how much time I was losing with my children, I knew that something needed to change,” said Justice. “I wanted a solution that could help busy professionals be more productive, instead of losing time.” 

Intercity’s focus is to help the traveling professional increase productivity. The black car service provides professionals, like lawyers and doctors, the opportunity to travel to a city and back in one day while making the most of their time. This includes a dedicated driver and a vehicle equipped with, power for laptops and phones, and the space to get work done.

Intercity is starting out in the southeast, covering distances up to a 250 miles radius from the point of origin and back, on the same day; such as Charlotte to Raleigh, Charlotte to Atlanta, and Raleigh to Washington D.C.

Joining her on the journey is Co-Founder Renato Cabral. Cabral is a software engineer originally from Brazil and has been in Charlotte for 12 years. He brings his passion for technology to the Intercity team as the CTO.

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About Intercity: Intercity was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Intercity provides same-day travel to nearby cities. By partnering with black-tie car service companies, Intercity provides professionals with power or their electronic devices, snacks, and more during their travel, allowing them to be productive and comfortable while traveling.