How It All Began


ome stories begin with a chance discovery, but not this one. It was actually quite the opposite. There was much intention – and equal parts frustration.

An eminent domain attorney named Keenya T. Justice drove the mountains of North Carolina serving the residents of its beautiful cities and small towns. She became increasingly bemused by “being held hostage behind the steering wheel” and, to add insult to injury, forced to work more when she arrived back at home due to the lack of productivity of her day-long drives. Sometimes she had employees and interns drive her, but that only left important office work unattended.

She found a viable solution in the most unlikely of places: her child’s bus stop. She joined forces with a fellow parent – who also happened to be a programmer – and, a few months later, Intercity was born. Today, they all work within a larger team to drive productivity for all professionals traveling to nearby cities for work. And they have no plans of stopping until every travel hour for their riders is being used to its highest degree. The journey continues.

The Right People In The Right Seats

Our team is made up of diverse skill-sets, backgrounds and beliefs. We love both working together and working for you.

Keenya T. Justice
Keenya T. JusticeCo-founder and CEO
Keenya works with other company leaders to streamline operations, steer marketing initiatives and improve the customer experience. She is an attorney by profession and, prior to working in the legal field, she spent five years in the banking industry.

She is a proud alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She appreciates a great glass of wine and is a certified foodie, which both pair well with her love of traveling. Above all, she cherishes spending time with her mom, two teenage children and other beloved friends and family.

Renato Cabral
Renato CabralCo-founder and CTO
Renato leads the technical team, defining the company’s software development strategy and enhancing the algorithm at the heart of the operation. He has been a technology consultant to a diverse client base, most recently in the finance industry.

He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in his home country of Brazil and travels back annually to visit his large family. Between his weekly soccer games and working in Intercity, and to the delight of his friends, Renato likes to hone his master grilling skills. He values family time more than anything else – even more than grilling.

We Built Intercity After (Painfully) Discovering That We Needed It Too

We know the value Intercity brings because we remember life before it. Higher stress and longer hours working at home after tough travel days. Not anymore.