Less Work and Travel Stress. Let the Exhaling Begin.

When you ride with Intercity, there are no long security lines or chronic delays. Our focus is to make your trip as seamless as possible so that you can focus on what’s most important to you.

We don’t stop at reducing travel stress though. By allowing you to complete important work on the road, you’re free to use your remaining hours however you see fit. Less stress, maximized productivity and more relaxation: we curate a work-travel experience designed to transform your approach to travel days.

We Help Control Your Costs. Affordable Is An Understatement.

Intercity is, by far, the most affordable option for traveling to nearby cities for work. After Federal reimbursement, the out-of-pocket costs are low. Then consider everything you are now free to do and the best travel option becomes crystal clear.

The cost of self-driving, waiting in long lines or experiencing chronic delays is extremely high, especially when considering their compounded effects. Opportunity costs are extremely dangerous because they’re intangible, so sometimes you won’t even realize that you’ve forgone certain benefits – they’re just gone forever. Time is delicate: in acknowledgement of that fact, we should always use it wisely.

Flexible Scheduling. Special Requests Accepted.

We know you need to travel whenever duty calls, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Our system captures travel trends so that we can better anticipate the best routes and schedules for our riders. However, if there is a route or schedule that works for you and we don’t currently offer it, shoot us a note and we’ll create a trip around your needs.

Simply download our easy-to-use app. Our current offerings are always updated in real time. Part of optimizing work travel is capturing as much data as possible, so we invite your input. We look forward to working with you in helping us to design the best possible experience to serve you.

What Would You Do With Extra Hours In Your Schedule?

Catch up on important work. Spend more time with your family and friends. Get some much needed rest or even get ahead using the additional time you’ll have when riding with Intercity. 


Vetted, Professional Drivers. Service and Safety Combined.

Our drivers have a background in transportation services and know how to deliver top-notch service to a client. They know that the details matter. We work with them to anticipate the things that may be most important you and remain responsive to your requests in real time.

However, above all else is your safety. Our drivers are vetted by governmental agencies – usually the local police or sheriff’s office – to ensure that their character is worthy to drive our ridership and to fly the Intercity banner. Safety is not just limited to background checks though. Our drivers will remain focused and attentive – not only to your needs, but to the many moving parts associated with highway driving.